Apurahat 2022

Merenkulun säätiön hallitus päätti kevätkokouksessaan 28.4.2022 vuoden 2022 apurahoista merenkulun ja meritekniikan tutkimuksen edistämiseksi.
Merenkulun säätiö sai 79 varsinaista apurahahakemusta sekä 11 koulujen stipendiapurahahakemusta ja näiden haettu yhteissumma oli 346 580 euroa. Myönnetty rahoitus kattoi 51 % koko haun yhteissummasta. Säätiö myönsi 178 323 euroa apurahoja, joista 152 323 euroa varsinaisina apurahoina 62 hakijalle sekä 26 000 euroa alan kouluille.

Tiedote: Apurahoja meriklusterin vihreään siirtymään

NimiOtsikkoApuraha (€)
Abaei Mohammad MahdiDeveloping Smart Condition 1 500
Ahmad WaqasMeasurement of crack speed in S2 saline ice using Digital Image Correlation1 900
BahooToroody AhmadAutonomous Safety for Autonomous Ship Navigation Systems4 000
Basnet SunilFunding for finalizing Doctoral thesis titled ”Developing risk management models and tools for autonomous maritime ecosystems” 5 000
Bolbot VictorCybersecurity analysis of a marine dual-fuel engine and presentation of research findings at a conference1 500
Bolbot VictorDevelopment of small MASS model9 000
Chaal MeriamFunding application for finishing Doctoral Thesis of autonomous ship development5 000
Cheirdaris (Hirdaris) Spyridon (Spyros)Participation / presentations in conferences of the development of hydromechanics models for the
assesment of sea loads and safety of ships
6 200
El Gharamti ImanTravel grant to present my research of the fracture and mechanical behavior of
ice at the IAHR Symposium
1 900
Fagerlund MarcusNTHS kongress 20222 500
Gadalla MahmoudScholarship to finalize doctoral dissertation: Numerical modeling of spray assisted ignition and flame initiation using alternative fuels1 000
Heikkilä MikkoRikkipesurilaivojen komplianssin valvonta satelliitti-infrapunakuvien avulla1 740
Heiskari JanneApurahahakemus PRADS22 konferenssiin, laivojen lasisuunnittelu risteilyaluksissa1 370
Isokorpi AnniinaAsejärjestelmien integrointi perinteiseen laivatekniseen suunnitteluun1 000
JIANG ZONGYUPresentation at an international conference, OMAE2022, of evaluation of local ice loads on ship hull
during the collision against the medium and small size ice floes.
1 850
Karola AaroParticipation and presentation in OMAE 2022 conference, wave load analysis1 850
Kondratenko AleksandrPresentation at SNAME Maritime Convention 2022, Holistic design optimization of Arctic ships2 175
Kontto TommiMerenkulun lehtoriksi pätevöityminen ja YAMK lopputyön tekeminen, kolulaiva viranomaisapuna2 000
Korpela JonasDiplomityö: ”Decarbonization of a handymax bulk carrier”1 000
Kuittinen NiinaLaivamoottorien pienhiukkaspäästön ilmakehävaikutukset1 000
Laurila TatuAmmonia as a marine fuel (Ammoniakki laivan polttoaineena)1 000
Li FangAttending international scientific conference OMAE20221 850
Li FangResearch visit to University College London2 000
Liljelund LottaRakenne- ja prosessisuunnittelun reunaehdot korvattaessa jätteenpolttouuni pyrolyysilaitteella laivan jätteenpolttopäästöjen vähentämiseksi1 000
Lindahl AlexandraUtbilningsstöd för lärarbehörighet/vuxenpedagogik1 000
Lindell BerntApurahahakemus Pro Gradua varten, alusrahoitusmalli1 000
Liu CongFunding for travel to present scientific work at conferences and seminars, The Application of Machine Learning Methods for Intelligent Decision -Making to Enhance Maritime Safety and Transparency in Ice Conditions1 850
Liu CongFunding for travel: Attend DNV Nordic Maritime University Workshop 2022730
Mancini FedericaParticipation to scientific event: International Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics ICoNSOM 2022, organized by the International Research Center on Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems (M&MoCS) of the University of L’Aquila and McGill University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Montreal, Canada in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the University of Sassari.800
Mancini FedericaParticipation to scientific event: the 75th IIW annual assembly and international conference (IIW2022) on Welding and Joining, organized by the Japan Institute of Welding.2 250
Matusiak JerzySectional wave loads of ship by LaiDyn-software3 750
Morev IlyaNumerical studies of hydrogen combustion1 600
Musharraf MashruraFunding for travel to present scientific work at conferences and seminars, Knowledge elicitation and digitization using FRAM to inform automation of marine operations in ice3 350
Niraula AbinabParticipation to scientific event: the 75th IIW annual assembly and international conference (IIW2022) on Welding and Joining, organized by the Japan Institute of Welding, Fatigue strength -based characterization of weld notch defects in laser-hybrid welded butt joints2 250
Niraula AbinabResearch visit to EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, Fatigue assessment of high-strength ship structures8 200
Nyári JuditPassengers’ preference and awareness on fuels in the marine sector in Northern Europe – A case study on synthetic fuels for cruise ships5 000
Oksala SidMaster’s thesis funding for an experimental study on model scale ridges, their construction methods and the effects on measured loads. 1 000
Pulkkanen PetriMerikapteenin tutkinnon opinnäytetyö ”Merivahingonlaskija – tehtävistä ja ratkaisukäytännöstä”1 000
Pulkkanen PetriLL.M. tutkinnon suorittamiseksi Alankomaiden Rotterdamin Erasmus yliopistossa2 209
Rautiainen MattiOsallistuminen sekä esityksen pitäminen tapahtumassa ”75th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference” Tokiossa, A traction force approach for fatigue assessment of complex welded structures2 250
Romanoff JaniISSC Ultimate Strength Committee Meeting, Congress and Correspondent meeting2 500
Romanoff Jani15th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures, Optimization of insulating glass units in cruise ships1 600
Rupasingha Arachchige Malith PrasannaTravel grant to attend The 26th IAHR International Symposium on Ice in Montreal, Canada, Bonded particle simulation of fragmenting ice blocks1 900
Schurr Jennifer LorenaTurbulent Flame Propagation of Premixed Hydrogen Combustion1 000
Schwartz HenryTohtoriopintojen loppuunsaattaminen. Tutkimuksessa selvitetään hiilidioksidipäästöjen vähentämistä merenkulusta liiketaloudellisin keinoin.4 000
Skrifvars EliasVidareutbildning inom sjöfartsjuridik samt skrivande av pro gradu inom ämnet1 000
Sohn-Rajamäki InaMerikapteeni opiskelijan, opinnäytetyö: Training manual for apprentices on the multicultural crews in Finnish vessels1 000
Stenberg AleksiA systematic material selection process in integration of biogas reactor in cruise ship1 000
Suominen MikkoSeasonal and local variation in the flexural strength of lake ice in Saimaa area1 900
Suominen MikkoMEC-E4006 Ship Operations in Ice – kurssin vierailu jäänmurtajalle5 100
Taimuri Ghalib HumayunGrant for finalizing the doctoral dissertation titled ”The Dynamics of Ship Grounding”. Research develops a 6-DoF rapid two-way couple FSI grounding dynamics model to investigate the damage extends of a grounded ship.5 000
Taimuri Ghalib HumayunA 6-DoF maneuvering two-way coupled Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) model to simulate grounding avoidance actions, accounting for the surrounding environment (waves, ocean currents, wind,and bathymetry), and ship operating conditions.2 175
Taimuri Ghalib HumayunA rapid grounding dynamics model to investigate the deterministic damage extends under real operational condition1 370
Tavakoli SasanFinancial support for ASME-OMAE22 and  The 9th International Conference on Hydroelasticity in Marine Technology, The Hydroelastic Response of Flat Plate Structures2 150
Uschanow TonyApuraha Shipping and Transport, Master-tutkintoa (Rotterdam University of Applied Science, MSc.-degree) varten. 2 209
Vanne IiroDoctoral thesis: ”Cost-Benefit Analysis of Fire Safety Systems in Passenger Ship Applications” – Research exchange4 400
Veltheim OskarTravel Grant for Participation in 2022 IAHR International Symposium on Ice, Validation of an inverse model to determine ice load magnitude and load patch on a ship hull1 900
Wojcieszyk MichalResearch on renewable fuels for maritime transport aiming at reduced greenhouse gas emissions, optimized end-use performance, and improved energy security3 000
Yeganeh MariaInvestigating the Effect of Injection Angle on Hydrogen Jet Behavior in Developing a Hydrogen Marine Engine3 000
Zhang MingyangFunding application for finishing doctoral thesis: Big data methods for the evaluation of ship collisions and groundings in real conditions5 000
Zhang MingyangFunding for travel to present scientific work at conferences: A rapid grounding dynamics model to investigate the deterministic damage extends under real critical operational condition1 370
Zhang MingyangFunding for travel to present scientific work at conferences: A rapid estimation method for grounding avoidance actions in real operational conditions 2 175

Koulujen stipendiapurahat

Oppilaitoksen nimiApuraha (€)
Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö sr8 000
Axxell2 000
Etelä-Kymenlaakson ammattiopisto Ekami2 000
Högskolan på Åland  ( Ålands landskapsregering )2 000
Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy2 000
Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy, WinNova2 000
Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu2 000
Turun ammattikorkeakoulu Oy2 000
Turun Suomalaisen yhteiskoulun lukio/Merilinja1 000
Yrkeshögskolan Novia2 000
Ålands yrkesgymnasium, sjöfart1 000